Chlamydia infection and treatment: Everything you need to know

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection that is so common caused by a bacteria known to be chlamydia trachomatis. Both males and females could get infected with this infection who is sexually active. Because this infection easily gets transmitted. The chlamydia cure is possible, but it is necessary to get treatment as soon as possible. If left untreated, then it can lead to serious complications. If the pregnant woman gets affected with chlamydia infection, then it can pass it to a newborn baby. Therefore, to avoid serious complications it is significant to get treated quickly. Below are a few things that you should know about this infection and treatments.

What are the symptoms?

The risk associated with this infection does not show symptoms for a few weeks. It is also sometimes known to be a silent infection. People will only realize after they get infected and it is easy to spread to others without knowing. In females, the symptoms show like easy bleeding or frequent urination. In males, the symptoms may include pain and burning sensation.

Also, some would get symptoms in other body parts that include eyes, throat, and anus. If you find any of these symptoms, it is good to contact the healthcare provider immediately to seek medical help. If you delay or do not get any right treatments it will lead to huge risk.

How is chlamydia diagnosed and treated?       

You may not get any symptoms, but it is good to get tested if you are sexually active. The most common test to diagnose this problem is known to be the nucleic acid amplification test. When you visit the healthcare provider, then will take a sample of urine and send it to the laboratory to check whether you’re infected or not.

If you find positive, then the healthcare provider will suggest you get antibiotics for chlamydia cure. They will ask you to take medicines for one or two weeks depending on your condition. You should not stop taking medicines just because of improved symptoms. You need to follow the instructions carefully. Because the person may also get infected again.

Antibiotics are the best way to treat this condition. If you find any few signs, then it is necessary that you should get treatment immediately so that you could avoid serious health issues. Thus, these are some important things that you should know about chlamydia infection and treatment to cure the problem.

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