IUI Cost Singapore Treatment

IUI Cost Singapore Treatment: All The Risks And Pros You Need To Know

IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) is the solution to overcome unexplained infertility issues in both men and women and bring about fertilization in such scenarios to trigger pregnancy. The procedure of iui cost singapore involves garnering a sperm sample from the male partner or donor into the uterus of the woman through the cervix. Before accomplishing the sperm insertion process, the practitioner understands the menstruation cycle of the client for 14 days, as IUI is done in the ovulation phase to augment the chances of conception. As the egg matures and the ovary releases it into the fallopian tube, the doctor knows that ovulation has begun. The ovulation process occurs naturally, however, in certain cases, a doctor might induce it via hormones from outside. In the next step of the IUI course, the specialist inserts the sperm through a slim catheter into the uterus and leaving the ovum and sperm to meet and fertilize as it happens naturally.

What are the advantages of IUI treatment?

The possibility of conception is intensely high with iui cost singapore in contrast with usual sexual intercourse. Further, the process is less invasive and economical when compared to other treatments such as ICSI, IVF, and so forth. The sperms collected are washed and sterilized, which removes any infectious agents, raw germ cells, antigenic proteins, prostaglandins, and other pathogenic agents before insertion. This washing process declines oxygen radicals formation and boosts the quality of sperms. The treatment takes as long as 15-20 minutes and then the person has to remain in the recovery cabin for 20 more minutes before leaving. Since the procedure is not painful, no anesthesia is employed.

iui cost singapore

What are the cons of IUI treatment?

Despite the benefits the treatment offers, some patients may experience certain risks and side effects. The possibilities of multiple births get high with Intrauterine insemination treatment, owing to the administration of fertility drugs, and this is why specialists in such cases recommend an internal ultrasound to rule out the risks. Fertility drug intake consumed through the IUI treatment can bring about side effects like hot flashes, nausea, tenderness in breasts, painful and inflamed ovaries, pelvic distress, and so forth. Further, IUI does not have an appeasing success rate compared to other fertility courses such as ICSI, IVF, and so on.

Opting Intra Uterine Insemination to tackle your infertility issue and get pregnant can pose many benefits and certain risks at the same time.