What is Plantar Fasciitis disease Explain their causes

What is Plantar Fasciitis disease? Explain their causes

If you feel pain in the bottom of the heel then it may be caused due to Plantar Fasciitis disease. A thick and web-like ligament exists in our foot that connects the heel to the foot front side called Plantar fascia. It acts as a supporter for the arch of our foot that helps in taking walk. Plantar fasciitis is a common orthopaedic problem found in a large number of people. As we know that our feet experience a lot of pressure on our body the whole day. Plant fascia ligament practices huge wear and tear of our daily routine.

This pressure may damage the ligaments which as a result start causes pain and stiffness in heels. It is the general cause of heel pain in people around the world. The treatment of plantar fasciitis Singapore is famous globally. This disease starts when inflammation begins in the tissue band around the bottom of your feet. Stabbing pain in your feet happens especially when you keep the first step in the morning after sleep. As you move continuously it decreases and may come back when you stand constantly for a few hours. It is the most common disease for runners. All those people whose weight is much can face this problem.

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Symptom: If someone is feeling harsh pain in the heel after taking a few steps after a long sleep it may due to Plantar Fasciitis. This pain can become worst if you are not taking any prevention or medication at the right time. After exercising this pain also begins but not during it. Plantar Fasciitis usually happens in only one foot at the beginning but if not treated both feet can get affected. Due to stiffness in the heels going upstairs becomes very tough for an individual.

Risk factors: Although this disease causes without any clear cause some factors can raise the Plantar Fasciitis in your heels.

  1. Age: Age is a common factor for the disease. With the growing age, the body becomes weak and ligaments are affected more.
  2. Exercise: Sometimes when exercise is not done under the trainer it may start to cause Plantar fasciitis due to ligament injuries.
  3. Foot mechanism: If you are in a standing position and put your weight on plantar fascia it may cause the disease even in flat feet, a high arch, or any other pattern.
  4. Obesity: Obesity is another cause of plantar fasciitis disease.

Conclusion: Plantar fasciitis disease is a common orthopaedic problem that does not need any surgery until it gets into the worst situation. Many home remedies can help you in relieving the pain. If you feel sharpness and stiffness in your heels you may consult with the doctor.