improve the memory power and their concentration

Too Much Of inositol May Always Be A Risk!

Today’s world people like to create new things and there is great demand in market for the innovative things. It is most essential for people to improve their creativity which will help them to do something new in their field. In every field people need to concentrate more and they need to recall all their memories to do a perfect thing. Most of the people have natural memory power and they will remember all those they did. But most of the people have poor memory power and they could not concentrate in their work. To improve the memory power and their concentration they can take the cognitive enhancer. Most of the cognitive enhancer is safe to use and people no need to worry about the side effects while they are taking these supplements. The side effects are rare and mild. One of the main side effects is the headache. Every nootropic herb has two sides to it, a therapeutic one and a risky one. Inositol has several benefits on the human health but moderation is the key. Consumption of its supplements should be regulated to acquire its benefits and prevent the side effects.

What Makes Ginseng a potential Risk?

If you like to know what is inositol then have a look here. It is the topmost natural health supplement sold across the world over the past few decades. Though no serious side effects are associated with it, some adverse effects are caused in humans due to its overdose. Long-term exposure to ginseng can lead to several side effects and therefore, it is advised to use the supplements only for limited periods. Check the dosage before use and refrain from using the same product for longer periods of time.

Side-Effects of Ginseng

These are a few information about what does inositol do and what should be considered before using them,

People suffering from lack of sleep

  • Dyspepsia: Indigestion is one of the major side effects of nootropics supplement. Stop using it if you experience any discomfort in the upper abdomen region.
  • Hot Flashes: The active components in ginseng can raise body heat leading to blushing and redness in the face, neck and chest region.
  • Insomnia: Inositol causes sleep disorders. People suffering from lack of sleep should not consume ginseng supplements.
  • Constipation: Inositol can cause problems in the bowel movements leading to increased difficulty and strain on the muscles when passing stools.
  • Cardiovascular problems: It can cause a rapid change in heart rate leading to cardiovascular problems.
  • Hypertension: Increase in blood pressure is a prime side effect of nootropics supplement and people with hypertension should never consume it.
  • Headaches and Mood Swings: These effects are mild but ensure you take the supplements as prescribed by a medical practitioner.
  • Allergies: Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction caused due to exposure to Inositol extracts which may involve rashes, swelling of mouth and unconsciousness.
  • Breast Pain: Overdose of Inositol can lead to a heightened pain in breasts and troubled breathing.

Safety tips:

  • Always choose good nootropics supplements from reputed brands.
  • Ensure the dosage range is between 100-300mg/day. Do not overdose.
  • Buy certain kind of nootropics supplements after careful consideration with a doctor and use only when and as prescribed.
  • Such nootropics supplements should not be used by infants, children, pregnant women and new mothers who are breastfeeding.